Tessa McLoughlin, the passion, drive and brains behind Club Kwench

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How did you get the idea to start Kwench?

The idea came from my own desire to have a one-stop-shop to engage in all the things that sustain a happy life. I wanted this so badly for myself. I knew I couldn’t be the only person.  


How did you know that this was an idea that needed to happen?

There was a gap between the YMCA and the exclusive clubs of the wealthy. We needed a club that rested somewhere in the middle. I had also seen how disconnection affects a society and I just felt really strongly that it was time.

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Did you ever have any doubts?

No. Not about the concept or that it would work or that it was needed. About how best to get to Point B and C of the plan? Well, sure, I still do. But you buckle up and move forward.


What sets Kwench apart from other co-working spaces?

Kwench is primarily a culture club, with the main focus being facilitating happiness. We do this through events, talks, workshops, classes and collaborative space—work and social. There is a profound difference between a basic co-working space with desks, sofas and screens, and an engaged, dynamic, multi-faceted space that brings people together and makes them feel like they belong to something.  We spend so much time working. Kwench is about connection, people and inspiration. There’s always a good conversation and a lot of laughter to be had.


What has been the most exciting part of Kwench so far?

The demand and growth is exciting, and the cross-pollination of different sectors, for sure. We have designers of all kinds, an accounting firm, a car share company, marketers, a hairdresser, artists, the list goes on. Kwench attracts members who are passionately curious about life and learning. Relationships emerge and everyone is thriving.

How have you seen Kwench impact the lives and the businesses of the people who work there?

The best measure of the impact is what the members say. Things like “this has changed my life,” “I was working from home and suffering from anxiety and depression,” “My productivity skyrocketed in this space.” This kind of feedback fuels me. I know Kwench is on the right path.


As your first entrepreneurial enterprise, what have you learned?

I’ve learned that there are so many layers to running a business. I am now a real estate negotiator, a cleaner, a counsellor, a designer, an entertainer, an administrator, and event planner, a bookkeeper and then some. It’s all-consuming. (Tessa beams) I feel full, happy and really blessed.


If someone's never been to Kwench before, what should they know or expect?

They can expect a friendly welcoming space, with very little ego and lots of laughter. If they’ve never been, they should come on by and see for themselves the difference a little connection can make.

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