Website Clinic
Are you frustrated that your website is not performing to your expectations?

Do you want more web traffic / more leads / more sales?

Attend this website clinic, where *Dr. Nate Kay and *Dr. Philip Shaw will perform open-heart surgery on your website before your very eyes.

Types of surgery fixes recommended could include:
- Website messaging improvements
- Increasing website trust factors
- Conversion blockages / Usability issues
- Content strategy ideas
- Best tools to solve your unique challenges
- Local Listings & Google Maps advice
- Search Engine Optimisation tips
- Google Analytics help

Attendees will need to:
- Share their website on the big screen (priority given to those who register)
- Describe their specific challenges
- Lie still whilst the surgery is performed

*Dr. Nate Kay and *Dr. Philip Shaw have a combined 30 years of digital marketing experience so you’re unlikely to die on the operating table.

Attendees are welcome to leave whenever they need to but may find observing other surgeries beneficial.

Open to KWENCH members and the public. There is a suggested door donation of $10, 100% of which will be donated to micro-lending service Kiva.

Due to the time-intensive nature of the 1:1 advice, space is limited to 12 businesses.


Nate Kay has over 20 years of website development and SEO experience. Like Oz behind the curtain, he thrives off of challenge and believes in the power of a well-established process.

He’s a managing partner at Floss Creative (a digital marketing agency for dentists) and continues to work with individuals and non-profits with their website setup, SEO, and overall business strategies. Nate strives to debunk the theory that bigger is better when it comes to your marketing team, driving results through attention and care.

Outside of his search data world, Nate loves to ski big mountains, travel the world, and spend time in quiet places with a good cup of coffee. *Not an actual doctor:)

Philip Shaw is a digital marketing expert and international speaker who is fanatical about helping business owners grow their businesses through smart marketing strategies.

Philip has twelve years of experience as CEO of CleverClicks (a digital marketing agency with offices in Vancouver, Sydney and Cape Town) and ten years of financial consulting for large corporations. He combines his financial and marketing skills to educate business owners on how to reduce digital marketing overwhelm, and focus on the metrics that truly matter.  

When Philip isn't online, you’ll find him trying to be patient with his two young kids, making his own pasta, or in the boxing ring gasping for air. *Not an actual doctor:)