Financial Adulting For Freelancers
Join Joe Collins from Avalon for a lunch & learn that will set you on the path to financial success (or at least order!) All proceeds go to charity!

Joe will, in his trademark approachable style, guide you through:

- everything you need to know to keep your bookkeeping in order,
- deductions you can claim to pay the least amount of tax, and
- how to file your own taxes (you can do it, promise)

You'll come away with:

- Clarity on what you can deduct for taxes
- Confidence to do your own bookkeeping and file your own taxes
- A bookkeeping template that actually makes sense
- A delicious lunch from Salt & Pepper Fox
- A level of adulting that you didn't know was possible

This lunch & learn will cover all the topics above and there will be some time for questions as well. You'll receive a link to our premium Freelancer Guide that covers some topics in more detail.

If you are a KWENCH member, ask us for a special discount code.