Perfecting the Elevator Pitch
Lena Stachiw
Lena is the co-founder of Victoria based design consultancy, Disco Innovation Studio ( She has a range of experience as a designer in a variety of disciplines such as user experience design, service design and urban design. She loves collaboration, adventure, the ocean and works hard to do things that light her up and have a positive impact on the world.

Her experience and the work that Disco Innovation Studio does is very cross functional and sometimes unconventional, making it difficult to articulate what it is exactly Lena does. She knows how critical it is to be able to quickly connect someone to the value of a product or service. The first few seconds are often all you get to either grab someone's attention or watch them  politely drift off. Lena is experienced in this struggle and has tripped over her words more than once.

Hamza Javed
Hamza is a serial entrepreneur, having built multiple start-ups in verticals such as e-commerce, B2B, B2C, Saas and Enterprise. He is currently running a Venture Studio and mentors at 500 Start-ups. He is passionate about taking companies from Zero to MVP and helping them find product/market-fit.

Ania Wysocka
Ania is the founder of Rootd - the #1 rated mobile app for anxiety & panic attack relief. Ania designed and created Rootd’s complete content and has led the business to over a million users in over 150 countries. Her unique combination of graphic design, marketing and subject matter expertise provide Rootd with its unmistakable personality.

Ania is also the Digital Marketing Bootcamp Program Director for Alacrity Canada. She is entrepreneurial by nature, with a strong sense for effective design, languages and cross-cultural communication. She is a polyglot who enjoys studying languages, running long distances, reading fiction that explores themes of identity and culture and working on projects to help end the stigma surrounding anxiety and mental health.