Susanne Conrad
Susanne combines her 30+ years experience coaching and consulting in the personal development and leadership space with her incredible storytelling ability to facilitate and support culture revolutions in workplaces around the world. She was the co-developer of Lululemon’s renowned leadership culture and served as Director of Possibility at lululemon from 2007-2017.

Susanne has transformed tens of thousands of lives across the globe and revolutionized culture at hundreds of organizations, including TOMS, Kit and Ace, Earls Kitchen + Bar, and imagine1day.  She is Founder of Lightyear Leadership and the author of Get There Now: Transform Yourself and the World Through Laughter, Listening, and the Power of Choice.

Susanne will light up the room with laughter and fire you up to kick off of a positive culture revolution in your workplace. Susanne brings it and you won’t regret a moment of this time spent with her!

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Susanne Conrad

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