Wham Glam Drag Shabam!
Woofie is Victoria's bearded theatre queen, and she brings camp, big hair, sequins and chaotic (good) energy to every show. She is known for bringing classic drag numbers, early 2000's pop hits, and inconc handstands to stages across Lekwungen Territory. Woofie has performed on stages big and small, in restaurants, parking lots, libraries and even brought drag to your homes through a series of online shows, Screen to Screen, during the pandemic. Along with her drag mother/sister/aunt Vivian Vanderpuss, she created and hosted the sold-out Drag, Queers & Beers with the team at Phillips Beer at the Phillips Tasting Room. Woofie loves bringing drag and queer art to new spaces and is passionate about raising funds for queer-focused causes and charities.

Vivian Vanderpuss The zest, the spunk, the spicy funk, Victoria’s kooky cat mom and solution to the rat problem. Vivian Vanderpuss has been seen on stages across the city, bringing her looks, glamour, camp and signature looks to The Vicious Poodle, The Victoria Event Centre, Phillips Brewery, and several Intrepid Theatre's queer cabarets. Vivian was featured on CBC's Canada's A Drag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37eyLEgrPhU&ab_channel=CBCArts

Eddi Licious is a Two Spirit Lekwungen territory based dancer, gender bender, shape shifter and performance artist who began exploring Drag as an art medium in 2005. A mix of deep thoughts, primal urges, weirdness and whimsy, Eddi is passionate about experimenting with mixed media, concepts and characters as a means of promoting acceptance and diversity. This artist was featured on Season 2 (Ep. 9) of CBC's Canada's a Drag.

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