Conversations @ KWENCH NFT's A New Art Form?

KWENCH welcomes conversations about anything that sends us to the dictionary before we can enter the room (part of that whole “curious” thing we are known for). And “non-fungible”, in our humble estimation, is the sexiest word we’ve never heard of and had to look up in a long time.
That’s why we are super excited to hear what James, Nori, Alex and Dan have to both teach and further illuminate about NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. NFTs are digital assets that represent ownership of real world items, and according to Business Insider NFT sales hit $2.5B last year. Holy intersectionality, Batman!

This is a conversation you won’t want to miss.

James Davidson

James is a cofounder and CEO at Natureblocks, a blockchain company aimed at developing a carbon accounting platform that increases the transparency, interoperability, and accessibility of carbon credits and the mechanisms that drive clean technology development.

Previously, James graduated from the University of Victoria with a degree in Computer Science, and has been actively involved in the blockchain space since 2018. He is passionate about economics, technology, and biology & medicine - and is optimistic that we can solve climate change (among other global issues) in our lifetimes.

Nori Nishigaya

Founder of the Salmon Nation Decentralized Alliance (SANADA), an organization devoted to bringing creative blockchain solutions to challenges within the Salmon Nation bio-region. Nori has been investigating the intersection of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and the Metaverse through early participation in the launch of The Sandbox, an NFT-based metaverse. Nori has been buying and trading "art" NFTs since early 2021. Also in 2021, Nori has been supporting utility NFT projects that seek to use NFTs as keys, certification, verification, or identifiers for functional use cases. In his free time, he enjoys diving deep into the intersection of blockchain, decentralization, bio-region identity, and Integral Theory.

Alex Zorkin 

Alex is a talented technical mind and leader who has worked on building successful software products in both consumer and B2B focused industries. In his role as Founder and CEO of Space Tokens Inc., he uses his broad depth of knowledge and a passion for blockchain to build leading edge software in this exciting and revolutionary decentralized world.

Dan Barton

Dan is a born problem solver who has built successful businesses across multiple industries from real estate to media to finance. Dan is now fuelling his passion with Billi by cultivating an experience that helps people rethink their relationship with money.

Dan is passionate about online communities that share his interests which led him to the NFT space in 2021. Since then he has participated in over 100 projects and continues to learn about the growing opportunities available in web3.

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