Pecha Kucha VOL. 18
11 LOCAL CREATIVES, ENTREPRENEURS + CHANGE-MAKERS will inspire + educate us with dynamic + captivating presentations (PKN-style: 20 slides x 20 seconds) on topics including: film + music composition, community choir, urban village concepts, a social art practice, passion for food, saving the world one tree at a time, a non-profit art supply refuse "store", inclusive community-building and multi-culturalism, a merging of great minds (visionary + designer) a presentation about half-told stories of incomplete experiences and their half-understood impacts....and more + much more!

OUR WONDERFUL HOST for the night is the talented creator, producer + performer, Missie Peters:

Ruth Mojeed  • Founder of The Inclusion Project
Jason Guille • Social Entrepreneur / Community Builder | 
Ian Locke • Artist
Ashley Howe • Founder, SUPPLY Victoria
Marc Jenkins • Director of The Choirs YYJ / Musician / Producer
Adrian Paradis • Local Food Enthusiast / Freelance Writer (EAT Magazine)
Brandy Gallagher • Designer / Educator / Community-Builder
Valerie Salez • Social Art Practitioner
Dr. Cathy Key • CEO of World Tree
Sarah Donald • Principal  + Founding Partner - Hansenbuilt Design
Tessa McLoughlin • Entrepreneur, Founder of KWENCH