'Death of a Bagman' A 1920s murder mystery night
Join Enigmatic Events and KWENCH for a 1920's Murder Mystery! For one night only the club will turn into a Roaring 20's speakeasy.

The Game:

Help solve the murder of a notorious mobster, Anthony ‘Big Tony’ Elkins. There are 12 suspects and the rest of the group are guests, every participant will be either a suspect or a guest, and everyone has a chance to solve the mystery!

The Backstory:

The Cusacks and the Johnson-Moy Gang rule over the underworld of Vancouver Island in an uneasy truce.  They have their own special interests, the Cusacks specialize in ‘import/export’, especially alcohol into the US; while the Johnson-Moy Gang take care of ‘entertainment’.  But both operations have caught the eye of Frank Colacurcio, the Mob Boss of Seattle, who is here at the speakeasy tonight.

When a valet goes to find out why Anthony ‘Big Tony’ Elkins hasn’t joined tonight's party, they instead find his dead body, stabbed 3 times.  ‘Big Tony’ was a Bagman in Frank’s Seattle organization. Frank is not going to be happy to find a colleague dead… can the guests smooth things over so the police don’t get involved?

Appies provided, drinks available for purchase.