Everyone wants to know who killed Santa!  This your chance to sleuth out the holiday killer, and work out who’s been naughty and nice.  But most importantly who’s been very, very naughty. You play one of the characters at the party - and whether you are a suspect or a witness, you'll need to talk to everyone, share the clues you have and work out who really dunnit.  The Suspect will get a chance to chew the scenery in their larger than life characters - but everyone has clues and information to share, questions to ask and a role to play!
Choose your three preferred roles from the following list - we need suspects to make everything go with a bang. You don't need to be a great actor or even memorize any lines.  You may a have a short piece to read out at the very end, or you can hand that over to the host if you prefer not to speak in front of a crowd!

Martina Finn - The company Owner.
Nick Finn – The Co-owner, and Martina’s husband
Winnie Bailey – The Office Manager
Freya Walker – A Sales rep for a TV Station; and new mother.
Rosemary Piper -Freya’s boss and a natural food fanatic.
Grant Lowe – Disc Jockey at the local radio station.
Glenda Drake – A graphic Artist
Jack Fielder – Sales manager for a Radion Station
Ebony Sutherland – The company Production Manager
Gibson Downs – A Journalist
Josh Fraser – An account exec for the company.
Barret Norcott – IT specialist for the company.
Regina Wells  - Gas Station president
Lorenzo Giueni – Owner of the café where the party is being held.
The Experts
Ian Madden – A police officer
Dr Rebecca Reynolds - A doctor
Tania Trimble - Santa’s lawyer.The Christmas CharactersRudolph – Santa’s reindeer
Mrs Claus - Santa’s wife.
Elfie – One of the Christmas Elves.

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